Grace. Dedication. Love.

Our Creed

Dance class is a privilege, not an expectation. 

I am thankful to my parents, I am grateful to my teachers.

Every time I come to class, I try to be the best that I can be. 

I do not compare myself to others, or cause others to feel inferior. 

I will encourage, respect and inspire my fellow classmates. 

I am made in the image of God and my body was create just right. 

I will never stop dreaming, believing or achieving my goals. 

I am a dancer; watch me soar!

Our Team

Petit Allegro LLC is bringing the excitement of dance to homeschoolers in southeast Michigan!

We offer Ballet, Pointe, Praise, Jazz, Pom & Preschool classes on Tuesdays and Fridays in Livonia, MI.

Classes begin in September, run throughout the school year and commence with a recital in the spring.

Our annual recital is a professional level production. 

Our History

Before Petit Allegro LLC, we were formally known as Palaestra Dance Team. Our dance program first began in 2007 at Palaestra, Inc. which is a non-profit group which meets weekly at His Church Anglican in Livonia, Michigan. Homeschoolers ranging from K-12th grade gather to participate with other homeschooled children in extra curricular classes like art, foreign language, music and science. Click here to learn more

By 2017, our dance program had outgrown the space at the church, so moved to an off-campus location at a nearby dance studio. Our team now rents space inside of Angie Hahn Academy of Dance studio in Livonia.

In January of 2021,  Petit Allegro LLC commenced; giving our dance program a larger capacity to meet the demands of an expanding schedule and growing student body. We are still very close with Palaestra, Inc. and treasure our ongoing friendship and support for one another. 

Community Outreach

Each Fall semester, our team partners with Heart 2 Hart Detroit to provide food, clothing, hygiene products, and helpful information to Detroit’s homeless and needy population. Our goal each season is to match the number of Blessings Bags to the number of students we have that year. Click here to learn more. 

Our dance team has also held community dance performances at local nursing homes and hospice care centers to share the beauty of dance with our senior citizens and their families.

Founder & Director

Christina Kilpatrick

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Praise, Pom, Preschool

Miss Christina has been training in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz and Praise dance for over twenty years. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Petit Allegro LLC  (formally Palaestra Dance Team) and has been leading the program since 2007. Christina is a STOTT Pilates certified instructor and a certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

She was also the director of choreography several times for summer musicals through Oakland Homeschool Music. Her favorite musicals to choreograph were Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof and Annie. Christina first began teaching praise dance classes at her church at age thirteen and has been teaching nonstop ever since! She directed the Earth to Eternity praise dance ensemble for six years and then went on to become a company member of a Grace Dance Ensemble. Before she launched Petit Allegro, she taught at several studios and gyms including Piazza Dance Company, Pulse Fitness and Balance Pilates Studio.

Christina LOVES teaching dance!

"Growing up, I switched dance studios a lot. One place didn't focus on good technique, one had mean girls and one had costumes that were too revealing. Being homeschooled myself, I never felt like I belonged at any studio because I was always the new kid. When I started Petit Allegro, I knew exactly the kind of program I wanted to create: a warm and non-competitive atmosphere for dancers to learn solid technique alongside encouraging classmates. I am so proud of this company and my desire is to help each student achieve their best!" 


Alicia Pomponio

Alicia Pomponio has trained in ballet, pointe, contemporary, modern, and worship dance over the past seven years. She has been teaching ballet, contemporary, and worship dance for over 4 years. As a middle school student, she trained under Miss Christina with Palaestra Dance Team and furthered her training at Northville Ballet Theatre. She was a dance major at Wayne State this past year where she grew in her own personal movement style. Alicia is a full-time college student, currently enrolled in a Physical Therapy Assistant Program. She is also completing a STOTT Pilates instructor certification

Alicia loves to explore how each individual person can move uniquely and beautifully, but also how dancers can come alongside one another to uplift and move together as one body. Alicia loves to connect with students to help them have the best dance experience they possibly can!

Ballet, Contemporary, Praise